First project: a drawstring bag

my drawstring bagAs I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been taking sewing lessons and it’s actually going pretty well.

I love my classes. The studio space is nice and the instructor is great. I only wish that we had more time to practice and learn – maybe two classes a week would have been better.

So far we’ve learned all about fabrics, how to thread a sewing machine, how to do basic stitches and seams, how to read patterns, and more.  As well, I’m starting to get used to the fabric store and how to navigate it (it can be overwhelming), and I finally know what a serger is and what it’s for. 

I’ve already picked out the skirt pattern and fabric that I’ll be using for my final project. It’s amazing to think we’ll be attempting to make a skirt in just a few weeks when we’ve only just made our first item.

That’s right. This week we completed our first project: a drawstring bag!

It was pretty easy and by the end of it I was impressed and excited.  I know, I know, it’s simple but each little step matters!

Next up? A zippered pouch!

You make my dreams come true

Speaking of dancing and how it makes me smile, this scene from (500) Days of Summer made me laugh out loud in surprise and amusement when I first saw the movie. It’s a scene that I can watch over and over again and it always makes me happy:

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you really should. I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by its charm.  I definitely recommend it because it’s not your average love story and it really is worth the 87% it received on Rotten Tomatoes.

2010 Toronto International Film Festival

For years, I would always miss out on the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) because I was away at university during the beginning of September.

Then last year, I was finally in town and I was lucky enough to score some free passes from my employer at the time.  I managed to go to the premiere screenings of Glorious 39 and Harry Brown, both at the Elgin. Both were great movies and I had a lot of fun.

I really got swept up in the magic of watching a movie with those who worked hard to make it. Nothing made me more excited about the essence of a film festival than at the end, when we stood up to applaud their work. I knew I was lucky last year and I walked away thinking that I had to get tickets for this year’s festival.

So this year, I teamed up with a friend and we bought a ticket package and selected a few movies (which wasn’t an easy task – there are still so many others I want to see). Here are the movies we’re scheduled to see this year:

I will let you know what I think of each movie after the festival ends. Are you going to TIFF this year? If so, what are you planning to see?