Massive Shift

I’m back from Japan and really out of it.

I traveled for 24 hours and didn’t sleep for 30+. I spent my time on the plane talking to a fast-talking, unable-to-sleep, 9-year-old-girl while everyone else could sleep. Then when I got home, my parents rushed me out the door to go to my cousin’s wedding reception.

And thus, I am really out of it right now.

I just found out that I just barely missed a massive earthquake in Japan that measured in at 7.1 (read the article here). That’s scary because I actually woke up in Kanazawa, which is in the Ishikawa prefecture, and it’s from there that we traveled to Tokyo for our flight home.

It’s also troubling to see all the pictures of destruction because I was just there and it’s such a great place.

It’s also scary to think that I could have been there at that time too…

I’m Still Alive

I’m sitting in a tiny hotel room in Hiroshima, stealing borrowing wi-fi from some other building because the hotel’s is acting up.

I have so many stories to tell you all but I can’t get into them now. I’m just amazed because I still have a week to go.

Last night we were in Koyasan (or Mt. Koya, if you’re not Japanese). Atop Koyasan is a village full of temples and shrines. It was a very quiet and beautiful place. We stayed in a temple overnight and got up early to attend the prayers.

It was a wonderful experience and the only downside was that it was freezing and us Canadians (who, as we were told by some Australians we ran into, should be used to the cold) did not have any warm clothes with us, so we spent a lot of time shivering. Haha, but every experience is one to remember.

Today, we were in Hiroshima and we visited the Peace Memorial Park and the Museum. The museum talks about Hiroshima before the bomb, during the bomb and after. I was struggling with my emotions the entire time. I decided that instead of being angry I should probably think of some way of putting my energy into more positive things. More on that later.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll blog more about my adventures (including Tokyo, the contest, Mt. Takao, etc) soon.

Hurrah for Free Wi-Fi!

I’m currently sitting outside my gate with a few minutes to go until boarding.

A few of you will be excited to hear that I finally picked up the first three Harry Potter books to read during my 13 hour flight. Considering the fact that I really enjoy adventure books, I’ll admit that it’s a little bit strange that I haven’t read them yet. Everyone’s told me that I’m crazy for having not read them yet, and so I figured this flight would be a good time to start.

However, as my dad was driving me to the airport this morning, I realized that I’d forgotten them all on my desk.

So…. yeah. A visit to the airport bookstore was mandatory.

I now have a book full of travel writing pieces (to feed my current obsession) and a copy of Eragon (to sooth my upset soul that was previously very excited about reading a children’s adventure book).

Hopefully I’ll be able to read slow enough for the books to last me the majority of the flight. I doubt it, but hopefully…

That’s all for now. I’ll write from Japan next :)