Quite Magical…

So I was on The Weather Network website checking the weather for this upcoming week and I ended up roaming through the various Weather Cameras.

They have webcams in various locations where you can actually see what the weather is now. Much like the traffic cameras you see online and on television. It’s actually pretty interesting because there are so many feeds to watch. Take a look at all the snow out in Western Canada for example.

Anyway, after clicking on a few links, I somehow ended up on MontrealCam and for two minutes watched people skating at the Old Port.

See but in one flick, the webcam showed three people on the ice: a couple and one single person skating. Then it flicked and refreshed again and that lone person was lying on the ice.

This means that many hundreds of kilometers away I basically saw someone wipe-out on the ice.

It’s a good thing I didn’t laugh. That would be even worse than physically being there and laughing, no? It’s like private amusement at someone else’s misfortune and that’s evil. Right?