But I know the heart of life is good…


On Monday, August 21st, Sarah and I went to see John Mayer at the Mod Club in Toronto.

It was a small and intimate show with a crowd of about 600 people (fan club members only) and it was brilliant. Somehow I had forgotten how amazing it is to watch and hear that man play his music. He makes love to his guitar, shakes you to the core with his vocals and his guitar riffs, and you are left standing there in awe. His band is just as talented and together they make some amazing music.

Every time he puts out an album I mention how it’s like he writes and sings the soundtrack of my life. Each and every song reminds me of some moment in time, some experience, some person, some emotion – just something that has passed through my life. Standing in that audience, in fourth row, I heard some classic songs as well as some new ones from his upcoming release. I couldn’t stop the shivers running down my spine as I realized with absolute certainty that once again it is true: the man is singing my life with his words.

And from what I have heard of the new album, just as I am moving on in life, maturing, and seeing things in a different light, so is he. And his music is definitely growing along with him. I love it.

What a wonderful show put on by a group of very talented performers. Kudos to a crowd that was just chill, and there for what matters the most: the music. I have some great pictures and a ton of amazing videos. Check back here for links to the videos soon.